Step-By-Step Instructions: How To Build a Chest Ice Freezer Cold Plunge

Chest Ice Freezer Pond Liner Cold Plunge

A chest ice freezer cold plunge is an invigorating and health-promoting addition to your home or backyard. Cold plunging has gained popularity due to its numerous benefits, including improved circulation, reduced inflammation, and enhanced recovery. Building your own chest ice freezer cold plunge can be a rewarding DIY project. In this step-by-step guide, we'll walk you through the process of creating your very own cold plunge to enjoy the rejuvenating effects of icy cold water at your convenience. Here are step-by-step directions to build your cold plunge and what products you will need to buy ahead of time.

Select a suitable location for your chest ice freezer cold plunge. Ensure the ground is level and stable to prevent any tilting or shifting. Consider placing it in an area with privacy, as you might prefer to enjoy your cold plunge away from prying eyes.

What you need to buy.  

  1. Buy a chest ice freezer either the 7 cubic or 14 cubic feet size
  2. Buy a pond liner 
  3. Buy pond liner seam tape adhesive to hold the liner on the bottom
  4. Buy 3 tubes of the JB Water Weld to seal the inside of the freezer
  5. Buy a fish tank sponge water filter for circulation and pump (option to use Ozone filter
  6. Buy an Ink Bird, Warm Cold temperature controller 
  7. Buy some epsom salts 
  8. Buy a bucket, siphon, or a small water pump to help with changing water. 
  9. Buy a small quarter-inch o-ring to seal the plug on the freezer. 
  10. Buy some thick white duck tape 
  11. Buy some white velcro as an option to hold the lid tight. 
  12. Buy a 3-5 power strip grid surge protector. GFCI protection to prevent electric shocks
  13. Print a sign "Unplug Before Use".  Use the image on this link. 
  14. Optional to support the base of the tub with a quarter-inch plywood.  

    What you need to do

    1. Seal all the seals of the freezer with JB water weld 
    2. Seal the plug from the inside with JB water weld
    3. Seal the plug from the outside with just an o-ring. 
    4. Add the pond liner seam tape to the bottom corners, sides, and seat
    5. Carefully and patiently insert the pond liner into the freezer.  
    6. Start with the bottom and the seat pressing the liner into the adhesive using your feet and hands.  Spread it out and smooth it on the bottom. 
    7. Carefully begin to move the liner up the sides by folding it artistically.  This is the most difficult part and will take some patience.  
    8. Fit the liner in between the hinges by cutting slits and cutting off excess carefully.  Cut slowly.   
    9. I prefer having 4 inches folding over the top of the rim on the outside for water overflow.  
    10. Adjust the chest ice freezer settings on the bottom to make it level with where your plunge will be. 
    11. Optional to add a quarter-inch plywood below the freezer for added support to help level or support.  Depending on your weight it will help support the weight. 
    12. Begin using the white duck tape around the edges when you are comfortable with the folds.
    13. Do your best to make it look as nice as you can.  It's not going to be perfect. 
    14. Plug the power grid into the Ink Bird Temperature controller into the cooling side no warm. 
    15. Plug in the freezer to power the grid controller.   
    16. Plug the fish tank sponge filter pump into the power grid. 
    17. Plug in the single Ink Bird Temperature controller into the outlet.  You will unplug this every time you use the tub. 
    18. Print a sign "Unplug Before Use Sign " and tape it on the surface using clear tape. 
    19. Option to create a velcro strap with a strap to hold the lid tightly closed. 
    20. Fill the tub with water about 10 inches below the top.  
    21. You will find your exact location eventually and put a small piece of white duck tape to mark your water level spot.   
    22. Sync your Ink Bird controller to your WiFi network and set the temperature and settings you would like.  
    23. It will take about 10 hours to chill the water to your desired temperature.  
    24. Use it and enjoy.  Don't forget to unplug from the outlet before using it. 
    25. Here is some info on when to change your water. 
    Congratulations! You've successfully built your very own chest ice freezer cold plunge. Enjoy the revitalizing benefits of cold plunging and experience the thrill of immersing yourself in icy water whenever you desire. Remember to maintain the cold plunge properly and prioritize safety at all times. With this fantastic addition to your home or backyard, you'll have a refreshing way to invigorate your body and mind while reaping the numerous health benefits it offers. Happy cold plunging!

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