Pickleball Injuries Could Result In $500 Million in Medical Costs This Year

Pickleball lower back

UBS analysts estimated pickleball would contribute to medical expenses from $250M-$500M in 2023.

Projected Growth of Cold Plunge Pools Market Signals Increasing Demand

cold plunge market

The global cold plunge pools market was valued at US$ 376M in 2022 and is projected to reach US $550M by 2031. Recent market trends indicate a surge in the popularity of cold plunge pools for at-home cold therapy.

Does Adding Salt To An Ice Bath Kill Bacteria?

salt water bacteria

Adding salt to an ice bath or cold water does have some antibacterial properties, but it may not be sufficient to completely kill all bacteria. Here's what you should know:

Cold Plunge Water Cloudy

If the water in your cold plunge is cloudy, there could be several reasons for this:

Cold Plunge Pools Gain Popularity Among Wealthy Individuals

in ground cold plunge pool

Wealthy individuals are increasingly embracing the trend of installing luxurious cold plunge pools in their residences, with prices reaching up to $65,000. These high-end pools offer a unique and exclusive experience, combining the benefits of cold water therapy with opulent features. The growing demand for lavish wellness amenities among the affluent class is driving the popularity of these extravagant cold plunge pools.

DIY Chest Freezer & Chiller Cold Plunges - Facebook Group

DIY Cold Plunge Facebook Group

Join this DIY Cold Plunge Facebook Group of almost 30,000+ people who will help support anyone who wants to create a regular cold water immersion practice at home.  

Is A Cold Bath Good For Recovery?

mental strength

Taking a cold bath, also known as cold water immersion, can indeed help boost recovery time after intense physical exercise or training. 

Why You Can't Buy a Portable Ozone Generator in California?

California restricts the sale and use of portable ozone generators due to concerns about their potential health risks and negative environmental impact.

Ozone generators produce ozone, which is a reactive gas that can be harmful to human health and the environment when present at high concentrations.

Best Chest Ice Freezers to Make a Cold Bath

chest ice freezer

When choosing the best size for a chest ice freezer, there are several factors you should consider. I would recommend going to BestBuy, Home Depot, CostCo or Lowe's and actually sit inside the freezer to determine which size you like best.  Here is a cold plunge guide that will help you build one for yourself. 

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you make an informed decision:

Are Cold Baths Good For Immune System?


Cold baths can have some positive effects on the immune system, although the research in this area is limited and more studies are needed to fully understand the mechanisms involved. 

Here are a few potential ways in which cold baths may influence the immune system:

List of 50 Hotels & Resorts With Cold Plunges

Four Seasons Hualalai Cold Plunge

Cold plunges are not as common as other amenities like swimming pools or hot tubs, but they can be found in some luxury resorts and wellness retreats that prioritize health and wellness experiences. Here is a map to find an ice bath me.  

These resorts often offer a range of spa and wellness facilities, and cold plunges are included as part of their wellness offerings.  Here are some resorts that are known to have cold plunges or cold plunge pools:

Find An Ice Bath Spa or Gym Near You

Use this Google map to find a place to cold plunge spa or gym near you.