DIY Chest Freezer & Chiller Cold Plunges - Facebook Group

DIY Cold Plunge Facebook Group

Join this DIY Cold Plunge Facebook Group of almost 30,000+ people who will help support anyone who wants to create a regular cold water immersion practice at home.  

I highly recommend you join the group and search the discussion about various topics and tips on how to build your own tub.  You will find lots of photos and do's and don't tips.  

There are lots of different methods to chill, filter and store water.  All methods of cold plunging are encouraged, however, their main focus is creating DIY ice baths, and DIY cold plunges from chest freezers and chillers.

They discuss best practices for building and maintaining your DIY cold plunge.

Topics include:

- Should I convert a chest freezer or build a chiller-based system?

- Which chest freezers & chillers are best?

- What questions should I ask before I start?

- Should I buy new or used?

- How do I keep my cold plunge safe?

- How do I waterproof my cold plunge?

- How do I keep the water clean?

- How to prevent common (and unique) problems and how to solve them

- What can I do if I don't have the time or skills to do the work? What commercially made (plug and play) cold plunges are the best options to choose?

- How can I get the most out of my cold water practice?

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